February 20th

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#1 terracannon876 said... 20-Feb-11
"testing testing,

Thanks for the Himitsu! Chappy scares me, frankly..."
#2 kuki said... 20-Feb-11
"Go, mu, go! Go, DV, go! :D I love you guys, I will always read your releases. "
#3 peche said... 20-Feb-11
"thank you for all your high quality releases! it's great how you finally have a commenting system "
#4 red said... 20-Feb-11
"thank you!! I look forward to continue to see your releases ^^"
#5 cookiemonster said... 21-Feb-11
"Thank you for all your work on this series; you lot are epic. :)
(I approve of the comment system, too.)"
#6 redsonjabelit said... 21-Feb-11
"Thank you so much for your hard work and for continuing with the amazing story of Himitsu!! At least for me, I always wait for your excellent releases! xD xD"
#7 Villette said... 22-Feb-11
"Yay! more Reiko Shimizu :D
thanks a million for your releases!"
#8 mikisweety said... 22-Feb-11
"Commenting system=awesome.

You know you have my support (although I'm too busy to be of much use. >.>) Keep it up, you have my support. I love you."
#9 zell said... 22-Feb-11
"Thanks for the release! This manga scares me so badly, but I feel like I can't stop until I find out what happens in the end!! X]"
#10 siu said... 26-Feb-11
"ooh, cool~ you guys now have a comments thingy~ Btw, love all your works. :) Though, I'm still too chicken to be able to read Himitsu. D:"

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