9th Anniversary - 1st release

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#1 achyif said... 16-Apr-12
"thanks for the release! "
#2 Natuu! said... 16-Apr-12
"Thanks for the release!!!"
#3 kuki said... 16-Apr-12
"Happy birthdayyyyyyyyy---!! and manga manga manga! "
#4 beru said... 19-Apr-12
"Thank you so much for staying in there and also for balancing out your real life with DV!

I have to say Sabbath Cafe is my favorite surprise-addiction manga! The depth! The beauty! The...it's been a while since the last time I read it so I know what I'm doing right after I post this!

I wish I were healthy enough to help out, so thanks for doing what I cannot. Take care of yourself/selves!"
#5 Aurora said... 27-May-12
"Hi! I've been reading stuff from Dragon Voice since I was literally in 5th grade and I'm now a senior in high school. This site actually has a lot of memories for me and I think that's super awesome, so thanks a lot and congratulations on your 9th anniversary! :) "
#6 sukanime said... 22-Sep-12
"Thanks for Jiraishin Diablo...
I hope you keep this project and i will stay tuned for your release.

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