Himitsu c10 part1

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#1 nano said... 31-May-12
"Thank you!!!
I love Reiko Shimizus Works :3"
#2 p3pe said... 01-Jun-12
"Thank you!!
Looking forward for next chapter :D"
#3 chiiiii said... 01-Jun-12
"Thank you for Himitsu! This is worth the wait~"
#4 heehee said... 01-Jun-12
"I didn't know you'd updated that much of Himitsu, nice surprise for me there "
#5 Villette said... 01-Jun-12
"YESSSSSS. Thanks for doing this1"
#6 patapi said... 02-Jun-12
"Thanks a bunch for Himitsu!! After such a long wait finally it comes out. Looking forward to part B hopefully it will be soon ^^."
#7 lfb said... 02-Jun-12
"Yay~ Thank you for continuing to scanlate Himitsu. ^.^"
#8 goomba said... 05-Jun-12
"Thank you muchly as always! It's great that you always find the time to bring Himitsu for us."
#9 IceAndCream said... 06-Jun-12
"Thank you sooooooo much! This is one of my favorite series ever!"
#10 Kuro Rei said... 09-Jul-12
"Thanks a lot~ Picked this series up last after finding it on Baka-Updates. It's so fascinating! Looking forward to the next one!"
#11 KiRaidesu said... 21-Jul-12
"Thank you so much! I love this manga from the first time I read the review. Thank you for your hard work. Will be waiting for the next chapter ^^"
#12 Yan said... 25-Aug-12
"hi~ this is completely unrelated to Himitsu, but just wanted to say thank you for the Piece scanlation (got directed here after reading ch3 on fg)
just thought it would be great to see something in the staff section so readers know who to thank :D haha~ but thank you dv anyway :D"
#13 Nov said... 15-Oct-12
"Yay!!! Thank you all~ :) Love this series, sensei and u guys so much!"
#14 Marian said... 03-Nov-12
"I was just wondering if you guys are still alive?"
#15 Ana said... 09-May-13
"this made my day I got this free iTunes Card Code and it was legit! Check this site out: freeitunes,cc :D"

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