Yoroshiku Master v2 Oneshot - Gates of Eden

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#1 Kiwi said... 12-Nov-12
"Oh, thank you so much you guys! I love Tsukuba-sensei, and welcome back!"
#2 patapi said... 12-Nov-12
"Thanks a ton for the release!! And thank you in advance for Himitsu!! :D"
#3 tokkei12 said... 12-Nov-12
"Thanks for Yoroshiku Master, and totally looking forward to Himitsu! ^.^"
#4 Shamune said... 29-Nov-12
"Thank you! This was really funny :D

I'll be looking forward to more Himitsu, then! :)"
#5 Loki said... 08-Dec-12
"Thanks for all your hard work! :D"
#6 Ricchan said... 14-Apr-13
"Please please please I beg of you please translate the last extra chapter - Penguin Kakumei side story please!!!!!!!!!!!!! We fan of Penguin Kakumei out there are dying to read it, please just one more chapter please dont skipped it :((((((((((((((((((((
If you really cant translate it no matter what please can you send me the raws cuz I want to see it whatever language it is. Please please, thank you very much in advanced!!!!!!!!"

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