Himitsu c10 part2

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#1 faechilde said... 07-Mar-13
"Thanks very much for your hard work and for the new Himitsu chapter release. :)"
#2 ros said... 07-Mar-13
"Thank you very much for Himitsu! (✿◠‿◠)"
#3 parfait said... 07-Mar-13
"Thank you so much!!! This made my night. Your hard work is very much appreciated. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)"
#4 nano said... 08-Mar-13
"Yay~ Thank you for the release! ^^"
#5 tokkei12 said... 08-Mar-13
"MORE HIMITSU YESSSSS!!! :D Thank you so much!"
#6 patapi said... 09-Mar-13
"Thanks a ton for Himitsu!!"
#7 Elliot said... 22-Mar-13
Thank you so, so much for translating I love you!
#8 myra-belle said... 14-Apr-13
"Thank you very much for your great releases. I'm really happy to see the second part of this chapter."
#9 Karen said... 20-May-13
"Thank you so much for the updates!!! I found it yesterday and read it all in one day. It was really good! Thank you for translating this awesome manga! "
#10 thanks said... 08-Jun-13
"Thanks! I've just decided to check, and you guys updates with my favorite manga! "
#11 Gaby said... 18-Jun-13
"Thank you! I have missed this release! :D"
#12 Sigh fucking hypocri said... 04-Jul-13
"You guys seriously need to finish volume 11 of Dragon Voice. It's freakin UNLICENSED for god's sake."
#13 lfb said... 06-Aug-13
"Whoaaa, this missed my radar. Thank you so much for continuing Himitsu! "
#14 Shamune said... 07-Aug-13
"Yay! So happy to see the conclusion of another great chapter! Thank you so much for your work!"
#15 marian said... 22-Sep-13
"are you guys still alive?"
#16 juzi said... 06-Jan-14
"Dear Dragon Voice,

Just wanted to know if you're still alive and still scanlating Himitsu. I'm a translator at new group (see url) and a huge fan of the series. A few of our members are interested in scanlating Himitsu so I was wondering if you'd be interested in continuing your work as a joint. If not and if you are no longer scanlating Himitsu, would it be alright if we picked it up from where you left off? The series is still unlicensed.


#17 juzi said... 12-Jan-14
"Dear Dragonvoice,

I''ve left a message on your IRC about Himitsu a few days ago. Just to let you know, we've now begun translating Chapter 11. If you're still working on the project, please let me know via email (it's the most reliable way to contact me)!



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