Himitsu c10 part3

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#1 Gaby said... 28-Jan-14
"Thanks so much, glad that you are still around and great 2014 to you too :)"
#2 tokkei12 said... 28-Jan-14
"YESSSSSSS!!! O/ *furiously dances around happily* Thank you so much! A belated happy new year, and happy chinese new year to you guys as well!"
#3 lfb said... 28-Jan-14
"Thanks so much for continuing this series. "
#4 Cindy said... 29-Jan-14
"Thank you for the release!! Super happy that the group is still alive!! I hope you guys have a great 2014."
#5 ros said... 29-Jan-14
"Thank you a lot for the new chapter of Himitsu!"
#6 patapi said... 29-Jan-14
"Thanks a bunch for Himitsu! I really love this series. And Happy Chinese New Year to all staff!"
#7 Simone said... 30-Jan-14
"Can't thank you enough for continuing bring us this absolute masterpiece!! You are truly my hero! Happy New Chinese Year, all the best. XOXOXO "
#8 parfait said... 30-Jan-14
"Thank you so much for the release and all the effort that was put into it!! Much love, and I hope you have a great year!"
#9 Valja said... 04-Feb-14
"Bumped into this manga today for the first time. It's great! Thanks for working on it! :)"
#10 Elliot said... 04-Feb-14
"Thank you so, so much for the update! I've literally been waiting all year for this you beautiful human beings."
#11 nano said... 17-Mar-14
"Thank you so much!"
#12 Ixtli said... 21-Mar-14
"Really really belated thank you for this!! This series is fantastic and I eagerly await the continuation (งಠ_ಠ)ง"
#13 Ei said... 02-Jul-14
"Hope you guys are doing fine :)"
#14 beru said... 12-Oct-14
"YAY! Thanks for your many years of hard work! I haven't gotten into Himitsu yet (I love the Sabbath manga the most of yours) but since it's the one you updated in your last couple posts, I just might do so!"
#15 daph said... 14-Dec-14
"You guys are great, thanks so much!"
#16 Tiffy said... 14-Dec-14
"You guys are awesome, thanks a bunch!:D"
#17 Spljushka said... 31-May-15
"I found anime yesterday, watch till the end, but it was not enough. Today I found your site - big thanks! and I hope you will be able to continue this project!"
#18 Anon said... 30-Dec-15
"Just wondering if you guys are still alive considering it's been over a year? If not you should really let people host your manga - seems silly to let your releases die out like Doko Demo did."

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