Himitsu c7b and c8

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#1 kuki said... 14-Mar-11
"Thanks a lot for the release! I love you guys at DV, keep up the great work, and don't go to sleep too late. :D"
#2 peachy said... 15-Mar-11
"Thanks for your hard work! Your scans are always the prettiest *__*"
#3 Villette said... 15-Mar-11
"Hip hip hooray! thanks for the high quality updates... creepy manga is just what I need to distract me from what's going on in Japan.
Oh wait, not really, but I still love Himitsu!"
#4 imhal said... 16-Mar-11
"Thanks a lot for the release.
Love your translation and scans. "
#5 cookiemonster said... 25-Mar-11
"Yay~ Thanks very much!"

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