8th Anniversary

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#1 twile said... 17-Apr-11
"Happy belated anniversary! Thank you for the updates!"
#2 kurenai said... 17-Apr-11
"Happy anniversary, Dragon Voice! "
#3 kuinni said... 17-Apr-11
"kyaaaah!!! happy birthday DRAGON VOICE! i've been with you guys as a leecher through many years and i've always loved you! congrats on another anniversary! "
#4 cookiemonster said... 18-Apr-11
"Happy anniversary! Keep up the good work; I don't know what I'd be doing without all this lovely Himitsu, and other series I stalk you for. Thank you very much!"
#5 Zell said... 18-Apr-11
"Happy anniversary!! Thanks for the releases! :D I always love your work! "
#6 key3896 said... 18-Apr-11
"Happy Belated Anniversary. Thank you very much for the latest chapter of Himitsu. "
#7 blossom said... 19-Apr-11
"Happy Belated Anniversary (^o^)/ !!
and thank you very much for all your hard work ^___^"
#8 shu said... 19-Apr-11
"; A ; I'm so late!
Happy anniversary DV "
#9 kuki said... 20-Apr-11
"it's okay, shu-chan. :D *patpats* ilu, dv! "
#10 Villette said... 24-Apr-11
"Hooray! Kaguyahime's back!
Thanks you!"
#11 Lint said... 26-Apr-11
"Congratulations on your anniversary! You guys have been around for a long time XD"
#12 bvanessa said... 27-Apr-11
"Happy anniversary^^ and thanks for your hard work and the easy access to your chapters. It's sometimes tiring to have the chapters with the other teams -_-"

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