Piece chapter 2

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#1 kurenai said... 06-Jun-11
"Yay, new release! "
#2 kuki said... 06-Jun-11
"Yay! ZOMG! I love you, DV, mu! "
#3 lucky7 said... 07-Jun-11
"thank you for this release!!!
love this manga"
#4 Lint said... 07-Jun-11
"Thank you! I was afraid that you guys were thinking of dropping it. Can't wait to see what happens next and thanks again for your great work!"
#5 cookiemonster said... 08-Jun-11
"Thank you! Really like this story, it's getting more interesting by the chapter :3"
#6 peche said... 08-Jun-11
"Yay! Thank you for your hard work ^^"
#7 anoni said... 10-Jun-11
"Thank you for the hard work and continued this project, because so far is very exciting and Im waiting for more!!!!
Again Thank you! you guys are awesome!
from argentina with love
#8 nano said... 11-Jun-11
"Just wanted to say, that you have a spambot in your comments-system. :/ Hope you can do something about it.

Good Luck for your releases!"
#9 Tessa said... 13-Jun-11
"If we wanted to contact you for a specific reason, how could we? I couldn't find an email address where I can send you a message. It's a rather important thing and I wouldn't want to talk about it in the comments section ^^."
#10 mangauniverse said... 17-Jun-11
"I have modified the anti-spam functionality in this comment section and hopefully it'll do a better job at keeping the spam bots at bay. Thanks for the feedback!"
#11 nano said... 17-Jun-11
"That's good! :)

I'm really looking forward to Kaguya Hime. I bought Volume 1-13 some time ago, but it's beeing discontinued in germany. If importing wasn't so expensive, I'd buy the japanese ones, but I don't have that much money. :/"

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