Kaguya Hime c22

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#1 pseudorandom said... 08-Aug-11
"Sweet. I've been waiting for this to continue for a while. "
#2 lfb said... 08-Aug-11
"Yay~ Many thanks. ^.^"
#3 bvanessa said... 09-Aug-11
"Thanks for all your hard work:) I really love your projects. Please continue this good job^^"
#4 cookies said... 11-Aug-11
"Belated thanks!"
#5 Sakura said... 19-Aug-11
"Thank you so much for your hard work! Please do keep scanlating this wonderful series :D"
#6 mi said... 10-Oct-11
this is the 1st time I've seen your scanlation group, and so, thank you for all your hard work!

The real reason I found my way here is that I saw you used to work on "Shana oh Yoshitsune" but dropped it 'due to lack of interest'.
I'm interested. I'd be so grateful if you picked it up again. Just saying so that you know there are ppl out there who want to read it."
#7 mi said... 10-Oct-11
"woops. almost forgot to add I'd be willing to help out in whatever way I could, even though I don't know Japanese. I could learn; good to learn new languages. but to get good enough to translate would take some time."
#8 kokochan said... 17-Apr-13
"Thanks sooooo much for you to pick up Shimizu Reiko sensei's works! I really love almost every piece and every bits of her works. And the reason I use the word 'almost' is because it is SO hard to find her work here in my country T_T as well as online. It's sad that many scanlation groups dropped or 'had to' drop her work out of their project. I've read your project "Kaguya Hime" so far and it prompted me immediately to search for the books online since I know it's available in the store but I have yet to found the reasonable prize! (She's like legend here so the prize is high-high). Anw, thanks again for your hard work. I'm gonna keep supporting both the mangaka and the scanlation group who's dedicated so much for overseas fans :) Please continue your good work esp Shimizu-sensei's!! eiei~"

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