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#1 kuki said... 29-Feb-12
"Thanks ever so much o'great mu-sama~! I love the story! And your editing is awesome as always. Please, don't push yourself so hard that you get sick, and remember to eat well and get lots of sleep so that we can see your bright and cheerful updates. Much love."
#2 kuki said... 29-Feb-12
"Btw, some people might not know that Japanese comics are called 'manga', so they might not post, ahaha. Toodles."
#3 kurenai said... 29-Feb-12
"Yay! Congrats on coming back alive! :P

Here's to more years to come. :D"
#4 mantou said... 29-Feb-12
"Hail Dragonvoice! Glad to know that you're still alive and kicking! Thank you for the new series! It looks interesting."
#5 Lilly said... 01-Mar-12
"Thanks for picking up Sayonara Watashitachi!! "
#6 daph kills said... 01-Mar-12
"Cool! I love all your hard work :)"
#7 Ana said... 04-Mar-12
"Yay, DV is still alive! This is awesome! Thank you for the release!"
#8 Villette said... 04-Mar-12
"Hooray! you're back ^_^ Thanks for taking your time to do some more manga :)
I don't know what this new one is about, but I think I'll check it out!"

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