Beauty Pop Manga Cover Beauty Pop
Beauty Pop [Viz Media title]
by ARAI Kiyoko

Status in Japan: 10 volume (complete)

This is a funny story of 3 boys, a hairstylist, a nail artist and someone responsible for the overall balance. They are the make-over team in school and they select a girl who they will transform into a beauty. Naturally they are popular, but does it really give them the right to pass judgment around as they do? Well there seems to be an anonymous hairstylist with rivaling talent around who doesn't share their opinions and offers help to whoever needs it... Just give Beauty Pop a try people ^^

Manga review: written by riseabove77

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Attention: Beauty Pop has been licensed by Viz and all downloads have been taken off the site.


Volume 1 Chapter 1
Volume 1 Chapter 2
Volume 1 Chapter 3
Volume 1 Chapter 4
Volume 1 Chapter 5
//End of volume 1

Volume 2 Chapter 6
Volume 2 Chapter 7
Volume 2 Chapter 8
//End of volume 2

Volume 3 Chapter 9
Volume 3 Chapter 10
Volume 3 Chapter 11
Volume 3 Sidestory 1
Volume 3 Extra Story 1-2
//End of volume 3

Volume 4 Chapter 12
Volume 4 Chapter 13
Volume 4 Chapter 14

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