Family Complex manga cover Family Complex
Family Complex [DMP title]
by TSUDA Mikiyo

Status in Japan: 1 volumes (complete)

Family Complex... This is exactly what Akira Sakamoto suffers from, being the second eldest son of the Sakamoto family and the only NORMAL person. The rest of the family consists of beauties, from the parents to the eldest son and the 2 daughters. Poor Akira feels that he's totally out of place, and tries to hide this from the others... but then one day it all comes out. How will his family react to this? In this hilarious manga, every chapter is dedicated to one family member starting with Akira. Family Complex isn't quite like anything else.

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Volume 1 Chapter 01 - Akira
Volume 1 Chapter 02 - Harumi
Volume 1 Chapter 03 - Natsuru
Volume 1 Chapter 04 - Fuyuki
Volume 1 Chapter 05 - Dad and Mom
Volume 1 Chapter 06 - Afterwards
//End of volume

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