Yoroshiku Master manga cover

Yoroshiku Master
by TSUKUBA Sakura

Status in Japan: 3 volumes (complete)

One day when 17-year-old Sagara Kurumi accidently bumps into a guy on the streets, reins suddenly appear and binds them both! What is this?! Things get even more confusing when the boy, Kaito, clasps her hands and calls her his master! When Kaito transforms into a reindeer it just becomes too much for poor Kurumi who's out as a light. But it does indeed seem like Kurumi's a santa and Kaito's her reindeer and that they've got an important job to do on Christmas Eve~ ^^ The three first chapters are about this cute "couple" and the last one is simply a oneshot.

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Volume 1 Chapter 01
Volume 1 Chapter 02
Volume 1 Chapter 03
Volume 1 Oneshot - Sweet Bite Mark
//End of volume 1

Volume 2 Chapter 04
Volume 2 Chapter 05
Volume 2 Chapter 06
Volume 2 Chapter 07
Volume 2 Oneshot - Gates of Eden
//End of volume 2

Volume 3 Chapter 09
Volume 3 Chapter 10
Volume 3 Chapter 11
Volume 3 Chapter 12
Penguin Revolution Sidestory*
//End of volume 3

*Please note that we will not scanlate this unrelated sidestory.

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