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wow, Tsukuba is really getting popular! I really like this, maybe some of her manga is destined to anime, we'll have to wait and see

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Yup her works are getting popular ^^ I dunno if I'd be keen on seeing them animated though.. I have a hard time believing that they can make the anime-art resemble the manga-art and if they can't then it's really not justified~~ Tsukuba Sakura's got a special touch when she draws, it's just only her art but also how she portrays things... subtle and a bit poetic... especially in Mekakushi ^^
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yeah i have mixed feelings too actually. while i think sakura tsukuba is popular enough to totally deserve an anime (come on, so many manga in Lala are being animated- host club, cluster edge, golden chord, karekano, jyo-sei, shinigami no ballad) i would definitely want the directing and animation and the acting to do it justice. her artwork and characters are so beautiful and passionate-i'd hate to see her work totally butchered (cough- Peach Girl, Aishiteruze Baby). i was thinking the people who worked on Mushishi maybe? ah well, we'll just have to wait and see Smile

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Yea i totally agree. I read both of her series "The Land of the Blindedfolded" and "Penguin Revolution", both are very good. Land of the Blindedfolded is more of the cute type, cute like Kare Kano cute (first love...sweethearts) while Penguin, her newest I probably think is her best yet. Her works are simple but beautiful.
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