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There are so many fall series out that its so hard to pick which ones to watch Smile these two recently got fansubbed so i decided to take a look at them even thoug htheir names are so hard to pronounce Smile They both look pretty interesting actually-both are period pieces-so you get fancy costumes, swords, magic, action etc Smile

Bakumatsu- The animation is AMAZING!! There is a lot of plotting, intrigue along with action and supernatural elements (and Kabuki?) but it looks really promising. only the first episode is out but its something i'm definitely going to keep watching.

ayakashi - this one looks a little more generic - a bunch of misfits get together and fight monsters or something but its done by Bones so everything looks gorgeous. they usually put out good stuff too so i'll try to follow this a little longer and see how it goes.

anyone else following these?

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Re: Bakumatsu and Ayakashi Ayashi  Reply with quote  

Well I downloaded both and have kinda skimmed thru them ^^;;; Didn't get a high impression, but I'll try to watch the episodes all the way from beginning to end ^^;;;; I'm really not into the feudal japan theme (although I liked Samurai Champloo a lot when I was following it), but that seems to dominate this new anime season *or is it just me?*

I'm following Assate no Houkou however and like it so far. I've seen all of Innocent Venus now and I don't recommend it ^^;;;;; It's really a waste of time... the last couple of episodes I just skimmed thru them and stopped at the important places~~
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