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Recruiting~  Reply with quote  

Well, the topic says it all Smile Japanese and chinese translators as well as editors are welcome of course! If you have the time and dedication please e-mail us at dragonvoice (at) gmail.com

For those who apply as editors: I'll send you our dv editing test, but please make sure to finish it and then hand it in. I've had too many who just asks for the editing test and never even hands it in afterwards... which really is just a waste of my time (not to mention getting my hopes up for no reason at all).

Currently needing:
1) Another experienced Japanese translator for Himitsu by Reiko Shimizu
(in order to help speed up the project! This is a challenging project as it is not easy to translate)
2) A Japenese translator for Saiyuki Gaiden
3) Editors to work primarily on Yaya.

Thanx for reading this!
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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