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Re: about BEAUTY POP  Reply with quote  

jnnchen, have you tried following any manga-downloading IRC guides? if you have problems after you do, let me know what they are specifically, but i can't really explain the whole process to you ^^:;
basically, you join a channel in IRC (for example #dragonvoice) and find other people in the channel who are fileserving - fservers. and you look through their shared folders and 'download' the files that you want. if you want to find out HOW to do all that, search for a guide (google!!) and follow directions. Smile

Rin no Rekka has posted one here, i think http://dragonvoice.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14

also, please don't ask these IRC questions in the 'dragonvoice projects' section ;]
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Re: about BEAUTY POP  Reply with quote  

..I was just wondering, since Beauty Pop is licensed, is Dragon Voice still translating it?

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Re: about BEAUTY POP  Reply with quote  

does anyone have beauty pop i want to read it tooo, im a new member, but theres so much hype about it it sounds soo good...

some kare to help?

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Re: about BEAUTY POP  Reply with quote  

Mm. 1. Yeah. ... Kiri is his first love. ..
2. It's understandable...
3. I don't think they would be together... Although I wouldn't mind if they were together or not... But ... Kiri kissin' with him... (or huggin' him, for that matter ) doesn't pop in my head in terms of her personality. So I think they should become close friends but not go out is the best choice and They would remain good buddies and challenge each other and maybe work together in a salon when their older and stuffs like that... >.>" But I'd like it either way.

I really like this manga also. It's so... cute... Anywyz, this was fun to read. .. I lost my train of thought but oh well.! <3

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Kiri Koshiba

Re: about BEAUTY POP  Reply with quote  

I love Beauty Pop!! I been searching for ages for a proper beauty pop forum or thread.YeY!! My quest finally came to an end! *sign* Thank you Drangon Voice!!
1.Love? I think the word 'love' is too strong to describe Naru's feeling for Kiri back then. I think it was only a crush and he thought Kiri was cute.I mean he was only in year 4 back then. How can he possible be in love??
2. Im just going to skip this question this one is more of a fact that an opinion + you can just scroll down to look for it - to lazy to write Very Happy
3. I really want Kiri and Naru to get together. They suit each other and they have that oppostie atraction thing going on maybe?? (sorry but I am a sucker for romance comedy XD XD heh heh!! KIRIXNARU 4EVER!!) Very Happy Very Happy
Cant wait to face (and what he responds and thinks) when he finds out that Kiri was his first "love"!! Twisted Evil
Oh yea,
*breathes in and gathers all courage*

I have another question that I am a little embarrass to ask ... Embarassed (and might be a spoiler)
In volume three, occhi says something like 'maybe its a stampede of all your ex-girlfriends ' to Naru. Does that mean that he had girlfriends before or is it a misunderstanding by me?? Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
P.s I was just wondering, if anyone does have beauty pop volume 5 and 6+ and if it wont be much trouble,could please post a quick summary maybe?? Thank you!! I would appreciate it very much!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Mum's boy/girl

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Re: about BEAUTY POP  Reply with quote  

omg, I love the freakin series, so good! (does anyone realize this is the age for Beauty manga? first all those modeling mangas, few examples are Penguin Revolution, Skip Beat, and Never Give Up, but Beauty Pop is the first actually hairstyling manga! rocks man!) so to answer your questions

1. who is Narumi's crush?Does it have the connection to kiri?
Narumi's crush is probably Kiri. THere are few examples able to prove this. First is that trademark Kiri smirk (when the Kiri won vs Narumi when they were young, she still has that smirk) second is that age factor. THe girl was younger than Narumi when she won, and Kiri is younger that Narumi. Thrid is that in a flashback, Kiri was shown to have long hair (the girl form the contest had long curly hair) a long time ago.

2. what do you think about kiri's past?(refer form chap 12)
Kiri's past, mostly when she accidently cut her mother's ear when cutting her mother;s hair traumatized her. She wasn't able to pick up[ her scissors after a while because she kept on seeing her mother bleeding. She blames herself for it.

3. do you think that narumi and kiri will be together?
...it's a shojo manga right? probably
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