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Super Juniour Fullhouse!  Reply with quote  

Has anyone seen the korean music group: Super Juniour Fullhouse? desertrose and I started discussing them a bit in the wrong thread so that's why I created this topic XD There ought to be more who's seen the subbed eps of this "live" drama. It's really only about a "homestay", that is 2 foreigners (girls) living with them for a while... it's SO funny XD For those who doesn't know what I'm talking about, try out the first episode:


So far only 7 eps have been fansubbed ^^

@desertrose: my sister thinks Kibum is a bit boring, but well at least we think alike XD XD XD However she shared our opinon about Han Gen ^o^ He really sucks at enlighs though! Horribly! He can't even remember any new phrases when they are taught ^^;;;; Shiwon is really way too SLEAZY dun u think? *urgh* Heechul is a crazy guy, but he sure lives up things ^^
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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Re: Super Juniour Fullhouse!  Reply with quote  

man, i lurve this show! thanks to mangauniverse

@mangauniverse: Kibum is so relaxed all the time.. like he never panicks.. so suave, lol.. he doesnt seem to be the hyper, talkative type.. not like heechul - always setting the mood XD his fights with anya r so funny, LoL..

Han Kyung is so goofy in the cutest way! he's always getting picked on tho, poor thing Razz

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Re: Super Juniour Fullhouse!  Reply with quote  

i've seen the first episode Very Happy but there's so many guys i can't possibly remember all their names Shocked lol, but they're all so ... weird lol, in the best possible way.

girl: titanic?
(two guys act out the iconic scene where jack and rose are in the front of the ship)


SJ: (on how he felt about the homestay) well, i don't mind, as long as she's really cute. (LOL IT WAS HIS DEFENSE FOR EVERYTHING)

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