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Title: Gals Circle (Gyarusa)
Number of Episodes: 11
Broadcast Year: 2006

My Rating: 5!!!

Quick Synopsis: Fujiki Naohito acts as Kitajima Shinnosuke, a cowboy from the USA who, literally, falls from the sky in the middle of Shibuya. He is there to find a girl named Imoko as a favor for Geronimo III who is Shinnosuke's friend.
In Shibuya, Shinnosuke must learn to live not like a cowboy which is his case means no tents or dig holes in the middle of the park (which, btw, the characters seem to forget there is a hole even if they already fell in it before) and live for free in the house of the police man who is trying to teach him about Japan's life nowdays. Along the way, he will meet a group of Gals called "Heart Angels" and solve the problems of this group of girls who feel they don't belong anywhere and they will help him find Imoko.

Breena's Review: If you adore "Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran" and "Cowboy Bebop" this is the drama for you. This hilarious story is full of unexpected situations and people; from the cowboy who, as I said before, fall from the sky out of nowhere rigth in the middle of Shibuya, to Saki the gal who just entered the Gals group, the girls dancing Para-Para, little Momo and the Policeman, Geronimo's comments about boomerangs (people have a thing for boomerans in this drama, seriously!), to Remi-san's (the Gals leader) bad jokes. But the episodes also leave you a message about friendship and always being yourself, really love it!
Everything about this drama is a MUST SEE that you can't miss!!

You can see it at --> http://www.crunchyroll.com/showseries?id=404


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Re: Review: JDrama - Gyarusa (Gal Circle)  Reply with quote  

Saw some of this a while back, and I have to say it's so utterly random and silly that it's worth taking a look at.

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Re: Review: JDrama - Gyarusa (Gal Circle)  Reply with quote  

Wow, thanx for the review Breena ^^

LOL, never seen this... Thanx for the link! I'll give it a shot Smile

Btw, that title reminds me of a manga... there was "Gal" in that title as well.
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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