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I'm actually surprised there isn't a movie thread here, but that allows me to be the first Cool

So in this following thread: (1) list some of your favorite movies and (2) why we should see it (in other words, ADVERTISE THAT SUCKER)

Romantic Comedy: 50 First Dates, Along Came Polly, Bruce Almighty
Makes You Think: Spanglish, Finding Neverland (judge AFTER you've seen it please) V for Vendetta (unexpectedly)
Indie: Little Miss Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Studio Ghibli Favorites: My Neighbors the Yamadas, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away

And tons more just can't remember one from top of my head...

So for my romantic comedies, they're just piss-in-your-pants, laugh-until-you-cry movies. Brilliant, and they're just so darn funny. 'Course romantic, but these are just so good cause they mix the two soo well and won't give you a gagging relflex with all the mushiness. Hil-ARI-ous, man.

For makes you think... for the first two man, I cried watching it. No lie, but these are unexpected, touches your heart unexpectedly kinda movies. And I didn't even think about watching them until, well, serendipity happened. V for Vendetta was actually one I totally did not want to watch initially, but when I did, oh man, GREAT thinker and the actor who plays V is just... when you see him on this film, it's just pure genius, raw talent that strikes you in awe when you see a true actor at work.

For the indies, wow, these are just... so completely original, (something SO hard to find these days) and so amazing that you will seriously just go on blabbing about them for days. They're movies that you just don't forget.

What I mean by Studio Ghibli is that this is the studio that brings you Jap anime-movies, like the only you probably know, Spirited Away. Anyway, they produced some pretty good stuff too, in the past, and these are just some you might want to check out. Timeless, wonderful stuff.

So if you guys have some time to spare, watched these and get back to me to express how much you liked it or go what-the-heck-were-you-watching-cause-it-sure-ain't-what-i-was. Seriously, some of my favorite movies and they're my favorite for a reason. So go find out why and make some of your own Wink [/u]

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Re: MOVIES!~ <3 <3 <3  Reply with quote  

in no particular order, these are some of the best movies everrrr:

Romantic / Romantic Comedy: My Sassy Girl (Korean), Pride and Prejudice, The Princess Bride, Bend it Like Beckham, The Notebook, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Legally Blonde, Miss Congeniality, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, etc

Action / Comedy: Rush Hour (1 and 2), Shanghai Noon/Knights, Dodgeball, Anger Management, etc

"Epic" movies ^^ : The Lord of the Rings (1, 2, and 3), The Prestige, Batman Begins, 300, Troy, V for Vendetta, Casino Royale, Gladiator, Infernal Affairs (Hong Kong), Fearless, Hidalgo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman Returns, etc

Animated: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children; anything Disney!; Mononoke Hime; Spirited Away; Howl's Moving Castle; Finding Nemo; The Incredibles; etc

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Re: MOVIES!~ <3 <3 <3  Reply with quote  

No order here either, but here are some of my favorites:

Silence of the Lambs, Sin City, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Mononoke Hime, Fight Club, Lola Rennt, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

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Re: MOVIES!~ <3 <3 <3  Reply with quote  

Some of mine:

Scary Movie 3, White Chicks, Ghost Rider, both Spider-Man movies, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, National Treasure, Rush Hour, 50 First Dates, Mr. Deeds, The Mummy, Aladdin, Kiki's Delivery Service, Pirates of the Caribbean, Night at the Museum...ugh my memory fails me at the moment. I liked Happy Feet only because of the Mexican penguins. Those penguins were hilarious!

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Re: MOVIES!~ <3 <3 <3  Reply with quote  

Hmm, I guess maybe this is a good place to post since it will tell members a little bit more about me.

My favorite movies/why:

Moulin Rouge --I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with musicals, for one thing. For another, Ewan is a fave actor. I also have a soft spot for movies where the end isn't always candy and flowers and lily-white. But for this, the biggest thing is absolutley the music. I'm obsesssed with music (in addition to musicals).
[Interestingly, it took forever to watch this all the way through. The beginning bored me and I turned the movie off. Finally, I gave it another try, got through the beginning, and became entranced. Voila. True love. Never judge a movie/book by its start.]

Ever After --I love fractured fairytales. This was my fave movie until MR came along. I love that Cinderella actually KNEW the prince and it wasn't "love-at-first-sight-based-on-beauty." I write fractured fairytales and love to read/watch them.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind --This movie makes me *think.* There are so many incredible messages to wrap your mind around in this movie. I also like the possibility that the couple will repeat this destructive pattern for all of eternity. It's mind-blowing. I love things that challenge my mind.

Garden State --Again, a movie that makes you think. On top of that, it's a movie about "life" that manages to pull it off and still be realistic and interesting. (And again, killer soundtrack. Great artist choices on Zach Braff's part. [Even better choices in his latest movie. The main has excellent taste.])

Love Actually ---The movie that I thought I'd hate. Most "chick flicks" are too cheesy for me. I mean, look at this title! It's enough for you to run scared. I heard so many good things about it that I tried it out, though. I LOVE the fact that it's "realistic." Not every relationship ends happily. That's life. You feel emotional for these characters and your heart pangs for them. Again, the movie has a great soundtrack that makes it even better. (And I love that Colin Firth & Hugh Grant were in it, b/c I used to love the Bridget Jones movie.)

Big Fish --Besides the obvious fact that Ewan McGregor is in it? Tim Burton does an excellent job with this piece. It's very lush, very vivid. His touch added an extra dimension to this movie. IMO, it's his best movie. I loved all of the symbolism and the movie had a storyline that's a bit more unique in today's world. I like that in a movie.

Stranger than Fiction --This is a new addition to the list. It's been a while since I've had any new blood make it's way this far into my heart. I think that part of the appeal is that it deals around the world of writing and book characters, which I hold near and dear to my own heart. Again, it makes you think. I also love a huge plot point that occurs at the end because it hits home to a a writer and it's something that I understand completely. I have a similar logic about "endings," too, so in that case, I would have liked to see one thing that...didn't happen. It's hard to talk about. ^^ Great movie, though. I just got my copy of the DVD in the mail the other day, so I can watch it again (and legally, since it wasn't in theaters here).

Labyrinth --This was my favorite movie growing up. Today, I think I love it more for the nostalgia factor than anything else. How can you NOT bop along to the music, though? I have so many movies attached to this movie and it's comfort for the soul. It's just "special." Would it be a favorite if I watched it for the first time today? Probably not. C'est la vie.

Hook --This is another walk down nostalgia lane. I loved this movie when I was younger. Then again, I've always had a soft spot for Peter Pan and own several versions of the story { Finding Neverland and the "Live-Action Release" are the next two best versions}. Again, Hook is a fractured tale, which is something that I adore. I loved to see Peter grown and see the story continued. Such a great movie.

Hmm, to make it an even ten...let's see...ooh, let's go with a Disney movie. I LOVE Disney.

The Little Mermaid --Do I need to say more? The music is great, the art brings the story to life and the movie brings me back to childhood. I don't even have words. I just love this movie. ^^

So there we have it. My top ten. Maybe not in that order aside from the top four, since most of the movies fluctuate depending on my mood. I would say that the top four are pretty set in order, though. ^^

Looking at my list, I think that it says a lot about me as a person and what I like/don't like in life. It also shows the type of things that I watch/read//write/listen to the most. It's very "me"...whoever that is. ^.!

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Re: MOVIES!~ <3 <3 <3  Reply with quote  

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