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Hi, I am Galadriel...
I am a totally newby at irc, and I think I made something wrong...
I tried to access your irc channel but almost immediatly I received a message saying that I was banned. I think i made nothing wrong (I hope), I only typed "!list" but got a strange message and I did not know what to do, so i typed "!rules" but it was said to me that I was banned.
I am sorry if I made something wrong, I am a little bit in difficulties with irc and I am not english of motherlanguage... so it is worse! ^^
I am very worried i made sothing wrong (but I do not know what.. my bad, I know), I only want to say sorry! Forgive me!

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Hmm, you might have been spamming the channel... that's usually the reason why ppl get banned. Our IRC ban doesn't last long, if I recall it right it lasts for 24 hours so you can try and log on again, just be sure NOT to spam the channel... spamming invovles posting the same message several times; usually someone keeps copy/past trigger "names" improperly so they show up in the main channel instead of accessing the fserve in question. Ask someone in the channel if you need help.
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Oh... thank you Mangauniverse.
I am a little bit scared to access again to the channel: irc uses a language that is not familiar, so I do not know exactly what is right and what is wrong and what implies an action. I really wanted not to make somthing wrong, and i was very worried for the ban.
Can I ask a question?
I am a mac user and I use x-chat aqua for irc. It is not a "simple" program... I had to search for minutes what I had to do to accept something with the program.
I went to panic because I received a message that said that it was sent to me a request for a dcc... what I had to do? Do you know? What it means and what kind of action I had to do?
Sorry to bother you...

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