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Mum's boy/girl

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Hello - looking for manga  Reply with quote  

Hi - perhaps someone can help me with this. I downloaded the manga 'The Day of Revolution' from boxtorrents and it has Dragon Voice Manga Scanlations's website in the image files. The download was just such a small amount of material, and it's VERY good stuff, so I was hoping to find more of it... but I can't find any dowload locations at ALL - and on top of that, it's not in your list of completed or active projects. So what gives? Of course, if that wee little bit that's in boxtorrents is ALL there is, then I guess it's irrelevant, but it certainly didn't lead to any resolution. But even more substantially, the characters were so great, I feel like I'm friends with 'em now and I just gotta see more of 'em! Especially the 4 troublemakers who are trying to woo the main character, though I do feel kind of bad for them since their efforts are kind of doomed and they're such nice guys.

Also, does anyone know where I might find Nuku Nuku manga scanlated? Or is that a big no-no because ADV has half-heartedly released one stinkin' little booklet of it?

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Re: Hello - looking for manga  Reply with quote  

"The Day of Revolution" is listed under our projects page as "Kakumei no Hi" (romanization of japanese name). And without chapter numbers, I don't know if what you have is all that's been released, but you can probably figure that out from the project page Wink Also, since it's a licensed project, no download links are on the site.

http://www.mangaupdates.com/ is always a good place to look

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Mum's boy/girl

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Re: Hello - looking for manga  Reply with quote  

I was figuring you'd look at www.boxtorrents.com and see if I have everything that's been released. But now it occurs to me that not everyone HAS a boxtorrents account and as I recall they don't let you search their stuff unless you do, and to top it off, they capped the number of accounts at 200000 and so you can't generate an account if you try.

Ok, what I have. 2 zip files, they SAY volume 1 and volume 2. A 16.3 meg and a 30.4 meg zip file. Volume 1 says chapter 1, chapter 2a, 2b, 3a and 3b, and volume 2 has 6 subfolders: chapter 01a, 01b, 01c 02, 03 and 04.

I had already tried looking on supernova.org and mininova.org both Day of Revolution and Kakumei no Hi (why it didn't occur to me to look for Kakumei no Hi on YOUR projects page I can only explain as some form of exotic brain diarrhea) and found nothing. Same with Nuku Nuku. The anime is abundant, but the manga, nonexistent. And I refuse to go to isohunt because just going to their website on September 30 gave me a supremely nasty computer virus which I continuously fought and got rid of on October 17.

But I see it on mangaupdates.com, and it APPEARS like I have all there is. Which is odd because it certainly didn't end at any sort of stopping point. Volume 2, chapter 2 ended at a stopping point, but then there was chapters 3 and 4 and I was left with a "and then what happened?"

I like how at the end of one of the chapters there's an author's note that a fan wrote in saying that a friend of his had almost the EXACT same thing happen to him/her and the artist expressed his immense surprise and apologized for 'stealing' the story unknowingly. So I guess that makes this a manga that's SO plausible it's kind of based on real events! Retroactively or accidentally at least. It's got to be the only manga on Earth that's practically a true story, or kind of based on one.

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