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Over-pruning --> some usernames lost  Reply with quote  

Hey everyone!

Been ages since I last made any announcement or updates here, but as most of you guys know the "General Discussion" section has been literally plagued by spammers who keeps posting porn and other spam-related things. Today was truly the drop though and despite the fact hat I don't know enough about forums I researched the best I could on the subject and took the long-avoided risk of altering it (bracing for the possibility of messing the whole thing up).

I finally managed to install extra functions that enables me to prune users and to implement a spam prevention method. However I accidently overdid the pruning so some older members have been erased from the forum... ~______~ I'm terribly sorry about that but there's no way of to recover the lost usernames, so the ones who were affected will need to re-register. I'm truly sorry about this inconvenience and I promise to be really careful the next time. With the spam prevention method there shouldn't be any need of pruning in the future. This forum will be clean again and I needn't feel reluctant coming here due to those spammers.

By the way, people who have not made first post after several months since the registration will be erased from the forum as there's evidently no wish to participate in the community at all.

That's about it for now. See y'all!
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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