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So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a manga or two to read? I just finished Gokinjo Monogatari (watched the anime for Paradise Kiss), and am currently reading Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai, Naruto, and One Piece. I guess I'm kinda looking for something along the lines of Gokinjo and Paradise Kiss but I'm not sure what to check out. Any ideas anyone?

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Let's see... *pulls up collection*

If you really like Ai Yazawa's works, I think 1000 years of Snow (Hatori Busuko) has a bit of the Gokinjo flavour, though I don't find it as brilliantly done as ParaKiss. Also, Kou Kou Debut (Kawahara Kazune) is really cute too.

Of more the ParaKiss flavour would be Deep Love (Yoshi) and Eien no With (Miyauchi Saya).

And I'm going to throw in Tokyo Crazy Paradise (Nakamura Yoshiki) just because I love it Very Happy those are my favourite finished works so far, and as it's really late I'm gonna come back some other time for more ^_^

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Thanks for the ideas! I'll try and find them.

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Shocked Recommendations??!!

Very Happy Then you should ALSO try THESE!!:

The Law of Ueki


School Rumble

Midori Days

Buso Renkin

Zombie Powder (by Tite Kubo of BLEACH)

Eerie Queerie

Death Note

Hikaru No Go(if u haven't^^)

Black Cat

YEP,YEP, YEP!! These are some of All the the manga out there that I love!! I left some(or rather PLENTY) out of which are already popular.^_^ CHECK OUT THE ANIME OF SOME OF THEM TOOO!! Please DO! Your Welcome! Wink Cool

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Death note only recommended for people with patience, got lot's of words to read.

Prince of tennis also, if you wanna see sports.

Hikaru no go^^is really good too.

NANA if you read Paraside Kiss. Same artist.

BLEACH, not really good graphics, but nice^^

Loveless, but it's shounen-ai, and incomplete.

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i second Koukou Debut Smile

Skip Beat - girl becoming a star i think

Red Tea Prince (Koucha Ouji) - cute modern fantasy

From Far Away (Kanata Kara) - romantic shoujo fantasy

Otomen (hilarious stuff) - pure dumb comedy...supposedly shoujo

Claymore - female dominatrix, gore and violence, feminism

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I also recommend NANA if you're read Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa. This time, it revolves around music instead of fashion.


-Sugar Family

-Special A

-Skip Beat

-Kagen no Tsuki

-Koukou Debut

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Well, if you enjoyed Paradise Kiss and all of her stuff, you'd probably enjoy more mature manga with sprinkles of happiness. Try ALL her stuff. Her older ones for lighter manga, and newer ones for thoughtful, bittersweet. Nana if you can take more mature themes than ParaKiss. Like, pride, ambition, regrets, teen pregnancy. ect. All done very tasteful, but.....


Reaching You (Kimi ni Todoke), Koukou Debut are all in the same vein, but less dramatic, complicated, and sad. More "feel-good, comfort", but iwth enough drama and funniness to keep you going. Pick these up, but definitely if you didn't like ParaKiss's ending.

If you want food for thoughts, try Death Note and Hikaru no Go . Obata-sensei is the only shounen mangaka I worship. He is a God, and Ai Yazawa-sensei is my Goddess. XD

What else? Hm...this is hard, but Beauty and the Beast, and Othello would make some nice funny, light reading, but not too childish. Some thoughtfulness too. Oh! How about Emma (historical fiction) and Suppli ? And Sunadokei (Sand Chronicles) . I'm giving you all slice of life dramatized and funnilized (if that's a word) because I'm not sure if you like fantasy or not......

If you like fantasy, drop by Bride of the Water God too. Gorgeous art, and its sad, dreamlike flavor reminds me of ParaKiss. And while I'm on the subject of manhwa, how about the josei Running Through the City in the Sunset (Forest of Grey City) ? Serious manga about a woman with a younger man. Lighthearted manhwas would be the insanely funny, zany look into Asian fandom of Chocolat (Jin-Sang, Geo) , and Comic about being a manhwa-ga.

I like commentary.

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