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The DV FAQ  Reply with quote  

Q1: Can I use your scanlations and translate into another language?

A1: See this post at http://dragonvoice.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=726

Q2: Please don't forget about this and this project

A2: Of course not.

Q3: When will the next release be?

A3: About releases, we release as fast as we can so don't nag us about them. We also have our own life and studying to attend to. Still we try not to make you wait for too long. So far I think we've released quite frequently, but depending on exam periods and stuff we might not always keep an even pace. Just like any other group... If you want faster releases, then help us out with either translating/editing/scanning.

Q4: The link for the newest releases aren't working!!
A4: It's our policy to NOT put up http links for the newest releases until a week or so has passed from the day they got released... most ppl ought to know this already though since that's what we usually do. If you can't wait for the http links then please head to our IRC channel and get them there from our BOT. A lot of ppl keep asking about this here in the broken links section and other sections, which moofii's been kind enough to respond to and refer these ppl to IRC... I urge ppl to check other posts first and read the answer before posting the exact same questions~~

Q5: Can I host this and this project?

A5: As we're hosting our own releases I don't think there's any need for our projects to be hosted elsewhere thus we've stopped giving permission on this front.

Q6: Why was I banned from your irc channel? How long will I be banned?

A6: Everything related to "banning from our irc channel" go to the Banned Zone thread in the Help section and solve it there. Also you'll find the irc rules there as well and you might want to take an extra look at them to see what rules you actually broke. Also the ban is automatically lifted after a couple of hours.

More questions and answers will be posted as I encounter them.
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