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7 "Aaron language" transmission is an attitude, is a simple, warm attitude of life

8 ", god in day, holy to the earth "is a Chinese personality ideal, have both a piece of idealism sky, can fly freely in the real world not compromise on many rules and obstacle; And down-to-earth ability, can in this the earth on the expansion of his behavior

9 Chinese philosophy advocate is a solemn, rational and tender and gentle beauty 10 real peace is not only a village the harmony between the neighbors, also is not only the interpersonal harmony, including all things on the ground, there is a fear, have a kind of conform to, there is a tacit understanding

11 material in the sense of happiness life it is only the targets, and really feel from the stability and for recognition of the regime, comes from religion

12 only true wisdom, can not be material life have tired, can keep its share of the indifferent to try and calm

And the more intense competition, the more need to adjust, and adjust the relations with other people

14 you indulgence, but give yourself to stay a broad sky

15 love for others is kindness, understand the others is wisdom

And in this the most important people in the world is at the moment you are in need of help, the most important thing is to do it right away, the most important time was the moment, there is no delay

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