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My introduction~~  Reply with quote  

Well, everyone knows who I am XD

Following lagren's example I'll tell you a bit about how I started this group. Actually I first joined Hoshi-manga (there was a whole bunch of swedes there!) as an editor but ended up only proofreading Fruits Basket *gosh, I had so much time back then*. Then I discovered Never Give Up by Hiromu Mutou on the net... found trans for ch1 and raws of some sort *I think* and recommended it to the staff there a lot of times, but things didn't "go fast" in that group, so after a couple of months it ended up being picked up by Shoujomagic and I was like: "Darnit!" Anyway after that I came the across Dragon Voice manga! XD Found chinese raws and I thought it was really funny~~ I was also lucky to find 2 good reviews.

This time around I decided not to try and get it released via Hoshimanga but share the DV love to the public by myself the best I could. One of those reviews had had partial trans-summary translations of the first chapter so I did my best with to fill in the missing part with a chinese-english dictionary. Then I set up a website and simply put it up there with the request of chinese translators and ppl like that to help me out with translating and voila~~ not long after I got 3 important e-mails: one from a jap translator (our dear DTH), one from a chinese translator (Pekkle!) and the last from Animetrader0306 who offered to scan hq from jap (he also helped me set up the IRC channel and taught me lots of things!). That was really a pretty damn good start~~ DTH would help translate of course but also provide jap names for Pekkles trans and Animetrader0306 knew his scanning stuff well XD I owe these guys a lot ^^ Without them I might have just stopped since my chinese sucked big time~~

Oh, and not long after discovering Dragon Voice manga I encountered Aishiteruze Baby which I liked the moment I saw it and naturally picked it up since no one else was doing it ^^ Then Mekakushi no Kuni fell under my eyes as well and after that it was Moonchild (hehehe, sure was a good choice since it prickled lagren's attention and made her join XD)~~ I was getting more and more staff and well the group just kept growing and picked up more projects etc. And now 3 years have flown by! We just had our third anniversary yesterday or rather the day before yesterday ^^ Well DV is thriving thanx to all its hardworking staffmembers!


Hope you enjoyed this background story of DV ^^
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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Re: My introduction~~  Reply with quote  

Shocked So this is how DV started.

You got good eyes...in fact, that's how I became a loyal
DV leecher! j/k...don't kick me out of the board yet!
Never Give Up, Mekakushi no Kun are my fav.
However, now I will frequent DV site to check for updates for Penguin Rev.

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Re: My introduction~~  Reply with quote  

Impressive story ^^. I'm sure many are pleased to have DV thanks to you, and it's nice to know how it happened. Yay for DV~ and prodigious manga that will one day rule the world!~ *cough, hack* hehe.

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Aishiteruze Baby  Reply with quote  

LOL, Aishiteruze Baby is so kawaii!!

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