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Forum Rules [READ]  Reply with quote  

1. No spamming and NO porns/hentai thread allowed!! (I can't believe I have to state the last it ought to be obvoius) People who violates this rule will be immediately banned and removed.

2. Be nice to each other! Before posting spoilers, please add spoiler tag.

3. Before you post, be sure to read the Announcement topic when there is one in the thread that you're intending to post (like the Wanted and the Drama section).

4. DO NOT pm us admins or ops about sending you this and this chapter as a personal favor! All the releases of unlicensed series are downloadable via the website. As for chapters of licensed series, if you want them you simply will have to learn how to use IRC and that's all there is to it. If I hear about another admin or moderator getting such a pm like I did, I might consider making it a rule to ban such ppl. So don't make me resort to that... but honestly~~ Use your common sense! I really didn't think I'd have to mention this, especially so soon after the forum opened.

5. Please DO NOT start thread if there's already one that handles that topic... For instance the Family complex thread in the Dragon Voice project section... There are three different ones titled Family Complex, I deleted the two which had no replies to and I'll continue to sort out threads that way... I would like to join it into one, but I can't figure out how to do it.

I'll add more when I encounter more "troubles".
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