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Review: Red Garden  Reply with quote  

Title: Red Garden
Number of Episodes: unknown
Genre: Mystery, Horror?

My ratings: yet to be determined

Brief Description:
The events take place in New York. Kate, Rose, Rachel and Claire all attend the same school, though they only know each other vaguely. However one day it seems they all got some kind of amnesia, none can recall what they did the previous evening. Later that day it's announced that a missing female student from their academy was found dead in the fores outside the school a seemingly suicide that resemble the other suicide incidents that occurred the previous month... Anyway that evening these different girls are guided by a feeling and they all end up meeting each. Unnerved by the shared amnesia and the fact they all spotted butterflies that no one else could see they decide to return home as quickly as possible, but a man and a woman suddenly appear and presents an unbelievable fact before them that they all died the previous night...

My Comments:
Has anyone downloaded the first episode for this anime yet? It was released today by gg fansubs and it looks darn good! For once I'm mighty impressed by the "delicate" shoujo anime-art style though I'm not sure if it's based on any manga... anyway I like it lots and the story seems dark and intriguing as well XD *yaaaay!* A worthy replacement for Ergo Proxy that ended not long ^^

Heh, I'll make this into a more proper review when I know more about it ^^
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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Re: Review: Red Garden  Reply with quote  

Waah this anime sounds good, but I think I will wait till there are more episodes, so I can watch more a time.

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