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If you're still in need of an editor, I'd like to apply for the position.

Shortly before EphDreams went belly-up, I had become an editor for the group. I passed a test project and then did two or three projects for the group (though I think that at least one never got released b/c the group froze at that point). I don't remember the name of the titles anymore, though, but I think one of them had Kiss in the title and another might have been Tonaware something? It's been a couple of years.

I haven't applied anywhere since then because college got crazy, but I just graduated in May and have more free time on my hands now. I've mostly been using Photoshop to make LJ icons. If you want to see some of my better Photoshop work, go to http://www.livejournal.com/allpics.bml?user=baine .
{Most of my avas are available at http://community.livejournal.com/scribbledoodle , but there is also a lot of crap there. I tend to post everything, even the bad stuff, so I can look back later and see how I've improved. Also, it hasn't been updated in ages, though I don't think that I've made that many more since then because school got so crazy.}

http://community.livejournal.com/the_circlet/506.html is my most recent Photoshopping work. It turned out really well in my opinion, though I also admit that it's a bit rough in a couple of places (but it was my first time using the program in a few months, so it was good to see that it came out pretty well, especially when you look at the original image here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v290/lady_baine/Sailor_Moon_with_senshi_heart_cryst.jpg ).

I don't mind taking a test or whatever system your group has in place.

As for other specifics, I don't know how to use IRC because I was firewalled from it in uni while it had its hayday. Now, I tend to use BitTorrent. I don't mind learning how to use it, though. I'm usually good at picking up on things that involve the 'net.

I don't have enough Japanese skills to be a translator at the moment, but there's a possibility that I may come this time next year. I've been living in Japan since this past August, and won't move back to the States until August 2008. I'm still a beginner, though. I just finished learning about the "naru/suru" become/make terminology and am currently studying the give/receive verbs. I know hiragana and katakana, but I know less than a hundred kanji. I may be able to read some of the scans, but not most of them yet.

I also have a decent grasp of English vocabulary and grammar. In college, one of my majors was English and one of my minors was Writing. I'm currently teaching English as a Second Language to Japanese students. I would be able to edit sentence structure/typos/etc while doing editing work and help QC the document in the process.

Let me know if you need more information or want to talk to me further. You can e-mail me at lady_baine (at) yahoo (dot) com.

EDIT: [Oh, and if you were curious, the reason that I am applying here is because I was looking at manga summaries last night and this group's name kept popping up on some of the most interesting ones. I've been thinking about getting back into being an editor recently, and it seemed like a good opportunity.]

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Re: If you're looking for an editor...  Reply with quote  

Cool! I'll e-mail you Smile
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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