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Has anyone read her newest works (she did Aishiteruze Baby - the fantastic project done by DragonVoice) Star Blacks or Taranta Ranta? I recently read the first chapters of each since they came out scanlated and I confess that I was really surprised at her art! I thought her drawings were getting sloppy towards the end of Aishiteruze Baby - for the most part, her guys still look the same but her female characters are starting to look stranger and stranger. Like their eyes have been stretched so that they all look sort of bug-eyed. Does anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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Oh? There's a scanlated version of Taranta Ranta? I've been interested in doing Taranta Ranta ever since it was mentioned in manganews that she'd started a new work under that name Smile And there was a small pic that I checked which looks as if she'd returned to her previous art style.

Well I'm sure I said this before but I hated the art in Star Blacks which is why I never picked it up ^^;;;; Taranta Ranta looks better in my opinion, though I still think the highlight of her art was in the middle of the AB series somewhere~~
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i agree! she definitely hit her high point in Ai Baby- i think the art in Taranta Ranta is a lot better- but not quite her usual standard- if you look at the girl's faces they are still a little distorted. The first chapter is out by ShoujoMangaManiac? - I'll post it if you have trouble finding it. I'm a little bit disappointed by the initial storyline though- the main girl is well...pretty pathetic and weak-willed compared to let's say...Kokoro who kicks butt. That's something that I always liked about Yoko Maki- that her heroines were always strong and decisive versus...well the spazzy, crybaby in Taranta. Anyway, hopefully she will prove me wrong!

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i loved yoko maki's art at her "peak" in aibaby! i was really happy with the way her art developed from, for example, kareki ni koi wo sakasemasu to aishiteruze baby, but then i was so disappointed when it ::continued:: to develop to what it's like at the end of aibaby and in star blacks -- i mean, what's with those oddly spaced facial features? o.O

but anyway, i just read shoujo manga maniac's ch1 of taranta ranta :] it's pretty LQ, but the art is pretty (yay!) and the boys are cute ^^
hm... the beginning storyline isn't as catchy or interesting as aibaby, but i still plan on following the series. although the main girl is kind of pathetic so far, it seems like she's trying to be strong, so there's always room for character development~ :] after all, a character becoming strong over time makes for a far better story, doesn't it? Very Happy
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maki yoko is one of my favourite mangakas!! aishiteruze baby was great (story & art)!! i'm now reading taranta ranta...

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