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Applying for Editor (I have a lot of spare time!) =D  Reply with quote  

I have a lot of spare time... Well, at least summer ends, anyway. I'm part of the Ochibichan Scanlation group, and my name is Sagwa-neem... I tried to register with that name, but it wouldn't let me (since I accidentally registered as Sagwa-neem before and I said that I was younger than 13, which isn't true...=.=") So I chose another name which has a similar meaning... (Sagwa-neem is like Apple-sama in Korean. =3)

So... Yeah. ^^" I worked on Lovely Complex for them, but they're not sending me anything right now, so I'm sorta free. If you want to see an examples of my work, click here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2mmc4fx9fdg

I can also QC and translate Korean, but I prefer editing. Here, I'll break it down for you so it's easy on your eyes =D

[b:2c71268c4f]Name:[/b:2c71268c4f] Sagwa-neem (my real name is Sang-A... I'm credited as that on the examples, and that's the name that I like to be referred to more.)

[b:2c71268c4f]E-mail:[/b:2c71268c4f] minarie (at) gmail.com (if you PM me, I'll give you my AIM sn, too. =D)

[b:2c71268c4f]Experience:[/b:2c71268c4f] Editor for Ochibichan Scans (Lovely Complex), Korean Translator for Ochibichan Scans (Be My Sweet Darling)

Applying for: Mainly editor, but I can proofread and translate Korean as well, if you need me to. If you send me a script that's just been translated, I can proofread it and edit it in 1~2 days (depending on how long the chapter is).

[b:2c71268c4f]Example of my Work:[/b:2c71268c4f] http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2mmc4fx9fdg

[b:2c71268c4f]Would like to work on[/b:2c71268c4f] (You don't have to give me this project to work on if you don't want to if you hire me, but I'd probably work the fastest with this project, since I enjoy it myself. =D): Sunadokei

Hope to hear from you soon! =D

Sang-A (Sagwa-neem)

Post Wed 15 Aug, 2007 11:07 PM   
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