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i love hana kimi but there is something funny about it...you want to know what??

all the chapter covers are in a very smut manga stiyle...here, look

the doctor

there is more but this is far more than enough...

the look they have in their eyes...it just screams SMUT

tell me...if you saw this or any of these pictures would you think:
smut smut smut smut smut
i would...

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Cool Well, it works for me since Sano's one of my favorite bishies. Thanks for the links!

Post Fri 03 Aug, 2007 02:48 AM   

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wow, i never really noticed. i saw the pictures but i never thought of them as smutty. one of them kinda had a S+M type of thing (mostly S) but not really. Some of the pics arent smutty tho.

but the story was pretty great. i liked it better than Girl Got Game. that was really similar but kinda oldish and not very good.

Post Sat 08 Sep, 2007 05:52 AM   

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Hee-hee...that's hilarious! I guess it boosts sales or something. Kinda sad when you think about how little action there actually is in this manga. There is a bit of implied hanky-panky on the part of the doctor and few others but the main characters barely get a kiss. It was still a great read though...and I'm a big fan of smut. At least the pictures were totally hot and satisfying! That doctor...I'd like to turn him straight! Twisted Evil

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-shrugs- Its alright... I stop reading it awhile ago. Its pretty smutty though some of it, like that one-shot in the end of book one I believe with that girl and that guy.

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