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I would like to be a Japanese Translator.
I realize that I`ve never been on this forum before,
but that`s because I simply want to experience it anywhere I can.

I am fluent in both English & Japanese. I have been educated in both also. Since I was in first grade during the normal school year, I went to a normal school from Monday to Friday and on Saturday's I went to Japanese school (Asahi Gakuen). During the summer, I did foreign exchange in Japan since I was 2 until 15. I also did an exchange when I was 17. I have also done an internship at a Japanese Preschool.

I really love manga & would like to share how great it is by translating it into english.

I can guarantee you won`t regret it =]

I currently have plenty of time to translate also.

Thank you!

- Maiya

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Re: Japanese Translator  Reply with quote  

Wow! o___0

I'm definitely interested in taking you on as translator ^^ Sounds almost too good to be true~ Especially the "plenty of time to translate" part ^^

I'm sure sorry that I didn't see this until now... I just sent you an e-mail Smile

I hope you're still interested!
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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