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Are you guys, against or with cosmetic surgery?
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Neutral (With and against)
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No opinion
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Cosmetic Surgery  Reply with quote  

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted something here o__o ...

My question is:
Are you guys, against or with cosmetic surgery?

I'm personally neutral, more to the "with" side though. I think it's your own body and only you get to decide whether you do something with it or not. Nobody has the right to say what you HAVE to do with your body when you're definitely sure about it.

On the other side I still got to admit that I think it's absurd to change something because that part doesn't fit your ideal, like the size of your breasts (changing to "cup Z" O__O) or liposuction because you don't like the (little) fat on your ??. Got to blame the media for it , partly, with their daily beauty-ideals-confrontations u__u

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Re: Cosmetic Surgery  Reply with quote  

I can't say that I have anything against cosmetic surgery, but I too fall into the "neutral but more on with" side of your poll. The way I see it, if you want something about yourself changed, and you are willing to accept the potential outcome, by all means have it done (of course, I agree that you shouldn't do it because of what someone else says; do it because you want to if you have any done).

That being said, I think a lot of people considering cosmetic surgery lately have unrealistic expectations regarding the outcome. Sure, having a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or botox for example may make you feel better about your self-image, but don't magically expect it to make others like you. Just an example, but I get the feeling that a fair amount of people these days think that changing things about their appearance will make others think of them differently immediately. Sure, a lot of people are influenced through the media to go in for cosmetic surgery, but a good amount also do it for the right reasons and for that reason it's perfectly fine in my opinion.

Oh and the concept of a "cup Z" is just making my head spin...all I can think of is where someone would buy clothes and how their back would be.

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Re: Cosmetic Surgery  Reply with quote  

Yeah I agree. The ideal image set by media, other's expectations... in that aspect I dun think cosmetic surgery is nonsense. Unless there's really something wrong I think it's best to leave things as they originally are - natural. Even though there might be a trend towards cosmetic surgery, in turn it's also given uprise to the general preference for natural looks... that's the impression I have anyway. Well, maybe not in Asia... it's like NATURAL for ppl to alter their features there <____< (or so I've heard of Koreans)

But for ppl who suffers disfigurement due to accident or genes the osmetic surgery is definitely right. Which is why I stand neutral on the issue and bordering on with. In the end it's up to ourselves.

There's something as Cup Z?! o___0 *faints*
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Re: Cosmetic Surgery  Reply with quote  

I am not against cosmetic surgery. Especially if it truly is necessary and done by a really good cosmetic surgeon.
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Re: Cosmetic Surgery  Reply with quote  

I am a severe cervical spondylosis patient with disc prolapse.Is it advisable to undergo surgery? I am a forty five year old lady. Doctors have advised me to undergo surgery. I am worried about the risk factors. Can anybody tell me if it is safe to undergo this surgery. Also can anybody give me the details of alternative medicines like ayurveda or chiropractics.Pls help.
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Re: Cosmetic Surgery  Reply with quote  

These surgeries are done in order to improve or enhance a person's appearance. Reconstructive work also falls into this category and would entail reparation or alteration of one's physical appearance after a disfiguring disease, accident or due to a genetic flaw.

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