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What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

I'd say I was totally stunned by the art in Alichino~~ that was really awesome... gothic, mystic... totally unlike anything else I've seen so far. Hope that mangaka will produce some more mangas in the future!

Then we have Kaori Yuki~~ her manga-art looks better and better Smile But sometimes it bothers me how the porportion of hands and other body parts don't really... macth. ^^;;;; She's gotten better on that front too I believe... *haven't been able to check out all her newest stuff*

I also really liked the art in GOTH by Otsu Ichi and Ooiwa Kenji. And the King of Thorns by IWAHARA Yuji... those 2 art style are not the same, but yet has a bit of the same feeling I think... get what I mean? ^^;;; The art in GOTH is a bit more refined though.

Hanakimi art left a deep impression on me when I was really into it Smile (ages ago, when I just got to know about manga) Especially the art in vol 15-19 *something like that* I actually started to implement the mangaka's way of drawing the profile ^^;;;;; Anyway I got a lot of inspiriation from that... it was something that wasn't impossible for me to "learn" from compared to the other manga-art that I mentioned earlier Smile Though I did manage to draw an image that was Kaori Yuuki inspiried once! I had just read an Angel Sanctuary chapter and really felt like drawing afterwards, so I just picked up my pen and sketched something. *hehehe*

Hmm, let's see if I can find those sketches Smile I used to sketch a lot and always attempted to draw a little mangastory or something but never got around to get more than a page or two random pages sketched ^^; *hehehe, I'm getting nostalgic here~~* If I find them I'll scan and post just for the fun of it XD
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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

Too many to quote.

My fav should go to Takeshi Obata's art in Death Note and Hikaro No Go.
What can I say, the arts are gorgeous.

Black Cat (Kentaro Yabuki) is the manga that inspire me to start drawing.
I start sketching and coloring my works in PS recently.
Needless to say, nobody notices my crappy artworks. I even
posted 1 in deviantart <to get feedback...feedback is important
if you seriously want to improve yourself> but up to date, the
number of ppl that view my work is ZERO. XD

Other worth mentioning is Sakura Tsukaba, the mangaka for
Penguin Revolutoin & MNK. The art is quite refreshing. The
characters are sooo lovable and I can simply warm up with
the characters easily.

Oh... so I am not the only one that notice Kaori Yuki sensei improvement.
I read one of her work... towards the middle of the series the main character
looks totally different from the beginning. Smile

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

@mangauniverse: i really liked hanakimi's art.. it was so beautiful! and sano.. kyaa~! although it seemed to me that it became so much worse in the end o_0 .. like suddenly their features were out of proportion or something..

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

i loveddddddddddd lee so-young's work in Model. The covers were so gorgeous.
then in princess ai, those costumes!! i'm really into fashion design as well, so i was on this fashion happy high...haha XD
then there's shaolin sisters (same mangaka for vampire princess miyu) i just love her line work. (or he? i forget..^^;; T-T) especially the fight scenes--the figures were so elegant!! there was just a constant feel of flow that sort of draws you in. =p

then of course, clamp. i really like each of the members' style.
they pay attention to the people (who are gorgeous/pretty) and to the scenery.

lastly...kara. creator of demon diary. her work is so beautiful and her chibis are more than adorable. her line work is so strong but graceful...

and as always...i'm probably talking too much T-T
but yes, those are the ones i can think of right now...^^

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

desertose: i agree~ i really liked hanakimi's art but i thought it got so different towards the end, and not in a good way -_-;;

hmm... yazawa ai's work has left a really big impression on me... her style changes for (and during) each work, but beneath the changes, she has a way of drawing that's really characteristic of herself, with the expressions, the fashion, etc ^^ same with yoko maki; i just love artists that really have talented styles that are unique to themselves. it's too bad that towards the end of aishiteruze baby, the faces became very... odd... that upset me, but i still fall in love with yoko maki's art whenever i read vol5&6 of aibaby. :]

oh, and i really love mikiyo tsuda's work too. all her characters are so beautiful XD

aurumice: i concur!! tsukuba sakura's art is so refreshing and cute ^^

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

@desertose & moofii: I know!! It's horrible isn't it? That a manga-art gets worse instead of getting better! >______< I loved the art of hanakimi around vol12-18 I think... after that it started to look bad. This is something I noticed with AB as well... the last couple of chapters... Kippei and Yuzu looked distorted sometimes >____< *that upset me as well* And she continued that awful "new" art style in Star Black! It was for that reason that I decided against picking up that manga... I was TOO horrified to bear with it. *shudders*

Takeshi Obata's art is nice indeed ^^ Same goes to Tooko art!

And yeah Ai Yazawa's art is special Smile

Hahaha, yeah Tsuda Mikiyo's art is great! I love it too XD And of course I totally adore Sakura Tsukuba's art ^____^ (why would I pick up all her works otherwise? *heheheh*) She improved a lot since Mekakushi... Just take a look at the art in vol1 and the art in vol9 of that series... BIG difference! However she seems to keep a steady style of art in PR ^-^

And despite most ppl's opinion, I really really like Reiko Shimizu's art... it's so impressive and just gorgeous @_____@ And her stories are so cool XD
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

My favorite and I personally think that its one of the prettiest drawing styles out there is Sakura Tsukuba's style =D I really like her drawing style and her stories are really nice. They aren't as shoujo-ish and more revolve around the supernatural happenings and how they affect people's relationships. So I suppose she's one of my favorite mangakas?

Takeshi Obata's art is also really good. I love how clean it looks. And how cute the characters can be ^^ And oh my god, the shinigamidevil things from Death Note are like WHOA O_O;

Hana-Kimi was beautiful in the beginning. I loved the artwork and that was one of the main reasons I started to read it. And later the art got worse! I thought at first that it was the scanlations' quality turning worse, but my friend who is buying the entire set says that the scanlations' quality were getting worse but at the same time so was the mangaka's drawing skill! And if you see her latest series (its something about figure skating, can't remember the name) you can tell that the drawing looks really bad now >__<

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

@boatswain: yea, i saw that figure skating manga thingy.. thats precisely wat im talking about! that style *shudder*.. hanakimi's art was at its peak around the middle of the series..

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

@desertose: Exactly! In the beginning Hana-kimi's drawings were like o___o wowthatspretty but now its like O_O WOWTHATS...notsopretty XD

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

I really like the art of Arina Tanemura . Her style is so pretty, the hair, hands, clothes are so pretty ^^ But the characters look a lot like eachother so sometimes it's difficult to see who's who...

Hino Matsuri 's art is pretty too, she can draw bishies ^^, some expressions are really well-drawn, can't give an example right now ><. Some clothes are designed really pretty too like the uniforms in Vampire Knight.

And I agree that Sakura Tsukaba draws pretty, her style is really special and original Very Happy.

Aoi Nanase has a really cute style! Though I didn't like Angel Dust Neo, the illustrations of it were realy pretty ^^

Seino Shizuru of Power!! (Girl got Game), Heaven, Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou has nice art too, the overreaction of someone's scaryness or something like that, is drawn really well and often humorous Smile

well I can still make up some mangakas of which I like the art but that would be too long. And btw I'm too lazy to type it all... ^^;;

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

Takeshi Obata (Death Note) is amazing, his works are so detailed and realistic.. I love it.

I also really like Yukiru Sugisaki (D.N.Angel), who influenced my style alot.

Oh, and Yoko Maki (Aishiteruze Baby) is great too! XD

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

lol.. i had to look up the artists' names...
long list of mangakas and the manga that intrigued me, not including their other works... there's actually more, lol...

Yoshida Motoi in Koi Kaze
Tsutomu Nihei in Noise, Blame!, Biomega, Abara
Matsumoto Takaharu in Agharta
Kaneko Atsushi in Soil, and Bambi & her pink gun
Segawa Masaki in Basilisk, Onikiri Jyuzo
Hiroaki Samura in Blade of the Immortal
Fung Chin Pang in CAT
Iwahara Yuji in King of Thorn, Chikyu Masaki
Takahashi Shin in Saishuu Heiki Kanojo
Nihonbashi Yoko in G Senjou Heaven's Door
Yamamoto Hideo in Homunculus
Kana Takeuchi in Death Trance
Mikimoto Haruhiko in Macross 7 Trash
Sei Itoh in Monster Collection
Inoue Junya in Otogi Matsuri
Hatori Bisco in Ouran Koukou Host Club
Yukimura Makoto in Planetes, Vinland Saga
Toume Kei in Sing Yesterday for Me
Natsume Yoshinori in Togari
Toru Fujisawa in Tokko

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

hm...that is a hard one...i'd have to say perfect girl evolution...it suits the manga story perfectly and it's very good...love it

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Manga Art  Reply with quote  

I would have to say the biggest impression of manga art on me is Masashi Kishimoto's, Hayao Miyazaki and this one person on DA that goes by osy057 (http://osy057.deviantart.com/)

Masashi Kishimoto just has an interesting way of drawing things. Maybe it is only because I read Naruto so much but I like his art even if it lacks a softness to it.

Hayao Miyazaki just blows me away as well as so many other people. His art is fantastic and has appealed to me for the longest time. When i was little I would watch his movies a lot and I loved them. His art doesn't show in mine but I would like to give my art a bit of his look.

Osy057 has the hand that appeals to a lot of people. His art is his own style but it has been heavily influenced by Masashi Kishimoto. You can tell just by looking at his art (mainly because he draws OC Naruto characters that could easily be in the actual manga) This way again I am being influenced by Masashi Kishimoto indirectly because of this one guy's art.

These few artist just blow me away. Though I know that many are just as awed by their art. I believe these are one of the mos influential at this time.

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Re: What manga-art has left an impression on you?  Reply with quote  

There are sooo many... from art, real life, music, animals, myth, food, sweets, clothing, nature, animes, mangas, video games, friends, etc... they are all sooo wonderful X3333 <3
I love the gothic lolita punk rock look and art stuff the most I would say... but then again Bishies or kool weapons like swords and guns etc. are also Sooo awesome as well >.< So I can't really choose you see?? Everything is amazing.

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