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I didn't know where to post this, but I just wanted to let everyone know how fabulous the editors here are! I'm (one?) 0f the translators for Saiyuki Gaiden and when I download some of the chapters and looked through it, i was shocked at how amazing they cleaned up my translations and added all the sound effects and WOW

So everyone be sure to give lots of love for th editors, who go through typos and sentences with bad syntax/grammer. They are super -great XD Also the people who clean the manga~ wow it looks like an english version you buy in a store!! Everyone at DragonVoice is so nice too!

-ali <3 <3

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LOL! I'll be sure to forward your message to Christopher who edited Saiyuki Gaiden c9 XD And yeah, it's our policy to edit out all the sfx... unless it's near impossible which it seldom (there's usually always a way to go around it unless there is too much to redraw from scratch). About fixing up the translation though, that was the proofreader's and my job and I had some extra help from our dear Karu on that front ^^

Heheh~ everyone's job is hard work! You, too, being a translator and all Very Happy Thank YOU for translating Saiyuki Gaiden ^^ Translating is definitely not easy ^^ Only scanning is the easiest part of the whole process I'd say~ Time-consuming but definitely the easiest (especially when working with debinded manga books).

Anyway I'm glad you liked the final version Very Happy

btw, have you read Wild Adapter? It sure is good!
Thanx to Joanne Kuang for the awesome avatar!

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