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(General) Rescanlation Policy  Reply with quote  

[MU, you can delete this post if it's answered elsewhere. I just want to send people on IRC to a link. Anyway, without further ado...]


...is very simple. You must ask permission every time. It does not matter if DragonVoice has given you permission on another DV project.


If by email, please email dragonvoice (at) gmail.com with all the information listed below:
If on IRC, please go to #dragonvoice channel on the IRCHIGHWAY network and PM mangauniverse. If she is not online, use email method. ONLY MANGAUNIVERSE'S WORD IS FINAL. So, please do not bother the other people in the channel (those with a @, %, or +).

(*) Subject line = Rescanlation Request
(*) Title of DV project = _________
(*) Language = ________ (What language are you using DragonVoice scanlations to rescanlate into? English is automatically forbidden. And if you request to use DV scanlations to translate into Japanese, we will laugh at you.)
(*) Your Group Name = __________
(*) Contact Info = _________ (email please)

If you do not fill in all four of those blanks with appropriate information, your request will be placed on hold.

One more thing:
Please do not mention in either email or IRC PM any sentence or phrase indirectly or directly asking DragonVoice to give permission on other projects WITHOUT having to go through this requesting-permission process just because DragonVoice gave permission to your group for one project in the past. If this happens more than 1 time...

You will get these messages (if a kind staff member notices it):
> "MU is kind. But. She is tired of having to see the same question on every request. Our policy is that you request for every series/project. Every time. Otherwise, we will ignore you from now on. Stop asking to bypass requesting permission."
> "You've been warned. If MU ignores you, you can take that as a permanent ban against all rescanlations on your group."
> "Goodbye."

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