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The last time  Reply with quote  

The last time, put all the all stay here, my heart, that a cold heart, that a helpless heart, the

one without the spirit of heart. Leave it here, let the cruel to trample, it has not been able to

shiver again, it has "full frost, empty as the wreck of the old tree. Be a sharp knife into the

last drop of blood and fell to the ground with dust, along with yellow leaves the autumn wind, to

bury together.
The last time, the love wanted to beautiful, but like a glass in a moment fragmented, cut I was

black and blue all over, but have no tears, and the breath appear weak, shaking hands, can't hold

anything, ever thought everything can seize this moment I found it vulnerable.

The last time, a smile to yourself, suddenly found himself is so funny, every day in the fantasy,

fantasizing own is so happy, in the time of his call, thought her heart and my position, just find

finally, I had to the tomb, dusty the long, won't affect her heart.

The last time, in this leave my words, for the last time, let the tears in our hearts, the last

time, leave the name of love, and the last one, and serve the pay.

Love is dead, the heart is dead, she is dead, I'm already dead, dead body to cool off, dead to the

intestine wear belly lousy, death to turn bone Yang ash, from now on, I no longer have the world

who, my heart is not love, my mind there is no fantasy.
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