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Assari Chocolate Cover

Assari Chocolate (Easy Chocolate!)
by Ikeumi Ryo

Status in Japan: 1 volume (complete)

This is a collection of four oneshots:
1) "Easy Chocolate" is about a guy who thinks women are annoying,
but there's a particularly persistent one! Will she succeed in winning his heart?
2) "Heavy Clouds, No Rain" is about a young couple that suddenly gets
a visit from a stranger who demands consolotion money!
3) "Broach" is basically a story revovling a cat that a couple picked up once.
4) "From the Cabbage Kingdom '03: Hesitation" is about a reluctant but budding teenage love between an unlikely pair.

Other Ikeumi Ryo manga: Honey Bunny, Kano Hitoya Tsuki etc.


Story 1 - Easy Chocolate
Story 2 - Heavy Clouds, No Rain
Story 3 - Broach
Story 4 - From the Cabbage Kingdom '03: Hesitation