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Links to other groups and useful sites

Manga Jouhou

Manga Jouhou - If you read manga scanlations, you probably know of this site already. It lists what group does what manga and makes your life easier. No downloads will be found here. Alternative site below.


Baka-Updates - Baka-Updates is a site dedicated to bringing the anime and manga community the latest release information. It is our goal here in the manga section to make sure you know when another edition of your favorite manga has been released.

Storm in Heaven

Storm in Heaven - One of the established manga group and here you can find a wide range of really ineresting projects (has an Italian side as well). Recommended: Try them all!


Entropy - A new group started by our lovely Rise and former editor Jlindgren. We'll be doing They Too Love with them and they have plenty of other projects too. Recommended: Umm... try them all?


Etc - This group has some fabulous projects! Recommended: Shin Angyo Onshi, Hyakkiyakou Shou (Selected Pandemonium), Cesare


Sumie - Home of Procrastinators! Well, that's what they claim :P Specializes in scanlating interesting oneshots! Recommended: Shisei, Sayonara Watashitachi

Spica Scans

Spica Scans - Also specializes in scanlating unique oneshots! Recommended: The Snake King, Rasen no Kioku, Honey Rabbit, Sarashi Asobi etc.


Mangascreener - One of the oldest manga groups around. Lots of great manga. Recommended: G Senjou Heaven's Door, H2, Mushishi, The Journey to the End of the World


Kotonoha - Probably found them from their many oneshot stories back in the day. Rocommended: Soil, The Music of Marie, Deep Love, oneshots

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