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The manga presented on this site are owned and copyrighted by their respective mangaka and we don't have anything to do with the creation of these manga whatsoever.

All scanlations distributed by this site are for free and we do not gain any profit by them. We will only take credit for the actual translating and editing of these manga. We are doing this for fun only and hoping to spread the joy of manga to everyone as well as bringing awareness to the mangakas that we admire. But if any of these manga gets licensed, we will immediately cease scanlating it and remove it from this site.

If you enjoy the manga on this site, please support the authors by purchasing the real manga in real stores.

You are not allowed to steal any of these scanlations to put on your own site or claim them as your own. Even if credits are kept intact, we still do not allow outside hosting. If you wish to use any scanlation done by us for rescanlation purposes, then please read the rescanlation policy in the forum and follow the instructions there.