Tsuki no Ko (Moonchild) manga cover Tsuki no Ko (Moonchild)
Moon Child [CMX title]
by SHIMIZU Reiko

Status in Japan: 13 volumes (complete)

Tsuki no Ko is Reiko Shimizu's complicated version of H.C. Andersen's "Little Mermaid". It all starts out with Art Gyle and a mysterious young boy who gets involved in a car accident. Art got away with some light injuries but the boy lost his memories due thus Art takes him in, since he feels guilty about it. Since the boy even forgot his own name, Art names him Jimmy and tries to deal with having a totally clueless boy like him around... Jimmy knows absolutely NOTHING, which both frustrates Art and makes him lose his temper ever so often. Yet, it's better to live alone like he used to and moreover the boy supports him and dancing whole-heartedly... But one day, Jimmy hears someone calling for him and using the name "Benjamin". He meets two other boys who look exactly like him! What's this? Who are they and what's their relationship? And what does it have to do with mermaids? ;) Note: Just read the manga already ^^ Things will clear up later on!

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Attention: Moon Child has been licensed by DC Comics (CMX) and thus all downloads have been taken off the site.


Volume 1 Chapter 1
Volume 1 Chapter 2
Volume 1 Chapter 3
Volume 1 Chapter 4
//End of Volume 1

Volume 2 Chapter 5a
Volume 2 Chapter 5b
Volume 2 Chapter 6
Volume 2 Chapter 7
//End of Volume 2

Volume 3 Chapter 8
Volume 3 Chapter 9
Volume 3 Chapter 10
Volume 3 Chapter 11
//End of Volume 3

Volume 4 Chapter 12

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