Wild Cats manga cover Wild Cats
by SHIMIZU Reiko

Status in Japan: 1 volume (complete)

If animals could speak, what would they say? This is a story about an abandoned lion that got picked up and raised as a cat ^^ It's highly entertaining and very amusing XD And it's all from the lion's perspective... If you're a Reiko Shimizu fan or an animal lover, you should definitely check out this manga ^^ I think everyone can find enjoyment in this work of hers that is for once not science-fictional etc. Nothing "scary", generally this is a "safe" manga... Just try it out!!!

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Volume 1 Chapter 01
Volume 1 Chapter 02
Himitsu Prologue
//The End

Attention: Wild Cats Story 3 (chapter 3) was never included in the original Wild Cats volume and only released in magazine. However a revised version of Wild Cats came out last year (2006) so it's most likely that it's been included there. Anyway, Wild Cats III got scanlated by sweet-lunacy a long time ago, so go there and grab it if you want to read it.

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