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Himitsu (Top Secret) manga cover

Himitsu (Top Secret)
by SHIMIZU Reiko

Status in Japan: 12 volumes (complete)

Another work by Reiko Shimizu, or rather her newest. This series is a disturbing manga about solving murder cases by applying the newly developed method of viewing the memory of dead people's brains. And as in every manga done by this mangaka, weird supernatural forces are of course included. First chapter is actually a prologue and is concentrated on the first case where this method was used. It's first in chapter 2 that the two main characters are introduced, so hang on!

There's a GREAT review of Himitsu done by Hanayume! I couldn't have done one better so plz go THERE and read it!

Warning: You might come across disturbing scenes so consider yourself warned! I urge you to take time and read the well-done review about this series.

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Volume 1 Chapter 1a [Top Secret 1999]
Volume 1 Chapter 1b
Volume 1 Chapter 2a [Top Secret 2001]
Volume 1 Chapter 2b
//End of volume 1

Volume 2 Chapter 3
Volume 2 Chapter 4
Volume 2 Special
Extra: Interview
//End of volume 2

Volume 3 Chapter 5
Volume 3 Chapter 6
Volume 3 Chapter 7
Volume 3 Omake
//End of volume 3

Volume 4 Chapter 8
Volume 4 Chapter 9
Volume 4 Special
//End of volume 4

Volume 5 Chapter 10a
Volume 5 Chapter 10b ver2 and Chapter 10c