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22XX manga cover

by SHIMIZU Reiko

Status in Japan: 1 volume (complete)

About a robot, Jack, who appears frequently in Shimizu's SF stories. He's a robot with very human-like psyche and he once believed that he was human and he can even consume food, unlike many of the other robots of those times. However, a cruel incident opened his eyes to the truth and he decided to perform bounty-hunting duties on a strange planet. That's where he meets Ruby, who turns into an innocent-looking youngster and a beautiful and seducing woman at night... she's a Photuris - a human tribe that preys on other humans in order to survive... This bunko volume starts of with the main story "22XX", but also contains science-fiction stories like "To Be Loved At the Ends of Times", "Continuation of the Dream", "A Long Night in August" and "A Robot's Mind (mimicry)."

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22XX part 1